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Date: 1892.05
Title: Cats and kittens by Madame Henriette Ronner (nee Knip)
Gallery: Goupil Gallery
Exhibition Type: solo artist
Subject keywords: animals
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Published sources: 'Art Exhibitions' Times adverts, 25 May 1892, p. 2
Catalogue source: NAL
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Note: Exhibition catalogue extract: 'Cats and kittens by Madame Henriette Ronner, May 189 ... Goupil Gallery' Catalogue includes advertisement for 'Henriette Ronner, The Painter of Cat-Life and Cat-Character' with text by M.H. Spielmann, containing a portrait and twelve full-page illustrations in photogravure by Boussod, Valadon & Co., and sixteen typogravures in the text.' Catalogue (31 works): 1. Never Tired. 2. Observation. 3. Study: Banjo and his Brother. 4. Un bout de toilette. 5. Innocence. 6. Amateurs of Jewels. 7. A Dream. 8. A Mother's Happiness.* 9. In Confidence. 10. Study in Watercolours: Kittens. 11. Study: A Persian. 12. Study: Persian Cat.* 13. Les antiquaires. 14. Study: At Home. 15. Study: Black and White Kittens.* 16. Study: Persian Kitten Asleep.* 17. A Merry Party. 18. Studies of Kittens. 19. Coquetterie. 20. Study: Kittens Asleep.* 21. A Quarrel. 22. Study: Two Kittens Asleep. 23. Study: White and Grey Kittens.* 24. Always Happy. 25. Study: Three Kittens. 26. Study: White Persians. 27. Harmony. [reproduced in catalogue] 28. Study: Persian Mother.* 29. Mischief. 30. Study: Waiting.* 31. A Bit of Temper. '*These Studies are reproduced in Madame Henriette Ronner's Albums which may be seen in the Gallery.'