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Date: 1892
Title: The annual winter exhibition of oil paintings by artists of the British and foreign schools at Thomas McLean's Gallery, no. 7, Haymarket, London, S.W.
Gallery: Thomas McLean's Gallery
Exhibition Type: mixed dealer
Medium: oil painting
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Note: Exhibition catalogue extract: 'The Annual Winter Exhibition of Oil Paintings, by Artists of the British and Foreign Schools at Thomas McLean's Gallery, No. 7, Haymarket, London, S.W. 1892, open daily from ten till six. Admission, including catalogue, one shilling. 'The Electric Light for this Establishment is supplied by the Electricity Supply Corporation, Ld., 12, Maiden Lane, W.C.' Catalogue (61 works): 1. C.F. Lowcock, The Greek Slave. 2. V. Chevilliard, A Pinch of Snuff. 3. G. Clausen, Crow-starving. 4. Josef Israels, Bringing home the Fish. 5. C. Seiler, Amateurs. 6. Marcus Stone, R.A., Day-dreams. 7. C.F. Lowcock, A Roman Lady. 8. G. Jacquet, La Marquise de Pompadour. 9. G. Goodwin Kilburne, John Barleycorn. 10. C. Burton Barber, 'I love litte Pussy'. 11. L.B. Hurt, By the Loch. 12. Frederick Goodall, R.A., Rachael and her Flock. 13. Conrad Kiesel, At the Masked Ball. 14. J.M. Swan, In the Desert. 15. Vicat Cole, R.A., On the Arun.# 16. M. de Munkacsy, The Fair Embroideress. 17. L.B. Hurt, On the Hillside, Glencoe, N.B. 18. J. W. Godward, The Playground. 19. M. Dieterle, Brittany Pastures. 20. Harlamoff, Dressing for the Carnival. 21. Vasta Geza, A Happy Family. 22. Max Gaisser, The Itinerant Player. 23. Edwin Ellis, Landing Fish on the Cornish Coast. 24. Edmund Warren, Harvest-time, near Bournemouth. 25. H.W.B. Davis, R.A., Fording the Wye. 26. F. Goodall, R.A., Pets of the Hariem. 27. H. Schmiechen, Adelaide. 28. Julius Züber, The Keeper's Cottage - Narrating his Adventures - Roumania. 29. H. Musgrave, A Rough Day in the Channel. 30. E.M. Wimperis, The Old Coach Road on the Way to Capel Curig - Llanberis Pass. 31. J.W. Godward, Memories. 32. H. Musgrave, Off Dover. 33. E.M. Wimperis, Moorland Road - Lyn-Pen-Craig, North Wales. 34. O. Beggrow-Hartmann, The Flower Seller. 35. Stefano Novo, The Firstborn. 36. W.S. Coleman, A Southern Fishpond. 37. Julius Züber, A Roumanian Pedlar. 38. Edwin Ellis, The Storm. 39. L. B. Hurt, A Highland Glen, Inveroran. 40. J. W. Waterhouse, R.A., A Back Street in Venice. 41. Eisenhut, In the Harem. 42. W.H. Koekkoek, A Doubtful Path - Scouts of the 10th Hussars. 43. J.W. Godward, Reflections. [added in pencil. Daniel Hernandez, Going to the Ball - scored out] 44. F.W.W. Topham, Pet Lambs. 45. Gilbert Munger, A Scene in Suresnes. 46. J.W. Godward, The Keepsake. 47. Daniel Hernandez, The Pet Dog. 48. W. H. Koekkoek, The 2nd Life Guards. 49. A. Reyna, The Grand Canal - Venice. 50. A. De Breanski, Henley-on-Thames. 51. W. Menzler, The Young Mother. 52. W.H. Koekkoek, Reconnoitring. 53. E.M. Wimperis, The Glebe Stream. 54. W. Menzler, Maternal Love. 55. W.H. Koekkoek, The Fight for the Château. 56. C. J. Dake, The Gleaner. 57. Alfred de Breanski, Wallingford-on-Thames. 58. T.S. Cooper, R.A., Changing Pastures. 59. B. Galofre, Le Roi s'Amuse. 60. Robert Wane, On the West Coast of Anglesey. 61. Dalou, A Brittany Mother (statue)