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Date: 1892
Title: The exhibition of oil paintings by artists of the Barbizon school : at Thomas McLean's Gallery, no. 7, Haymarket, London, S.W.
Gallery: Thomas McLean's Gallery
Exhibition Type: mixed dealer
Medium: oil painting
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Note: Catalogue extract: 'The Exhibition of Oil Paintings, by Artists of the Barbizon School at Thomas McLean's Gallery, No. 7, Haymarket, London, S.W. 1892, open daily from ten till six. Admission, including catalogue, one shilling. The Prices can be obtained by applying to the Attendant in the Gallery. The Copyright is in all cases Reserved.' Catalogue (45 works): 1. J.B.C. Corot, Going to Market. 2. N. Diaz, A Path in the Forest. 3. N. Diaz, Flowers. 4. N. Diaz, Diana, the Huntress. 5. J.F. Millet, The Plain of Forges, near Barbizon. 6. J.B.C. Corot, A Pastoral. 7. J.B.C. Corot, Noontide. 8. E. Van Marcke, A Sheltered Spot. 9. J.B.C. Corot, Ville d'Avray 10. N. Diaz, In the Forest - Fontainbleau. 11. C. Troyon, Spring Pastures. 12. N. Diaz, Evening - Cattle Watering. 13. Monticelli, A Summer's Day. 14. J.B.C. Corot, Le Battelier. 15. Decamps, A Doleful Pleading. 16. N. Diaz, In the Depths of the Forest. 17. N. Diaz, The Alarm. 18. J.B.C. Corot, The Edge of the Wood. 19. Jules Dupré, The Coming Squall. 20. Daumier, Choristers. 21. J.B.C. Corot, Morning Mist. 22. J.B.C. Corot, Evening. 23. N. Diaz, Gathering Firewood. 24. Monticelli, On the Terrace - Evening. 25. F. Millet, The Madonna and Child. Catalogued in Millet's works as La Vierge de Lorette. It was originally intended for the Church of Notre Dame de Lorette, Paris. 26. J.B.C. Corot, The Fisherman. 27. C. Daubigny, A Gust of Wind. 28. C. Daubigny, A Stormy Day. 29. Josef Israels, Lovers. 30. C. Daubigny, Low Tide. 31. Michel, The Return of the Boats. 32. C. Daubigny, By the Side of the Stream. This picture was exhibited in the Salon in 1844. The figures are portraits of Daubigny's own children, and are painted by Diaz. 33. C. Jacque, Taking Home the Flock. 34. J.B.C. Corot, The Outskirts of a Village. 35. F. Millet, The Shepherd. 36. Josef Israels, The Drowned Fisherman. 37. Ribot, A Young Girl. 38. P. Millet, The Gleaners. 39. C. Daubigny, The Banks of the Loire. 40. A Schreyer, A Difficult Road.# 41. C. Daubigny, Haymaking. 42. Jules Dupré, The Homestead. 43. N. Diaz, The Pet. 44. N. Diaz, The Novel.Catalogue 45. E. Van Marcke, Cattle - Evening.