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Date: 1892.06
Title: The twenty-eighth annual exhibition of oil paintings by artists of the British and foreign schools, at Thomas McLean's Gallery, no.7 Haymarket, London, S.W.
Gallery: Thomas McLean's Gallery
Exhibition Type: mixed dealer
Medium: oil painting
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Published sources: 'Art Exhibitions' Times adverts, 18 Jun 1892, p. 2
Catalogue source: NAL
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Note: Exhibition catalogue extract: 'The twenty-eighth annual exhibition of oil paintings, by artists of the British and foreign schools, at Thomas McLean's Gallery, No.7 Haymarket, London, S.W., 1892.' Catalogue (57 works): 1. G. Clausen, A Little Brittany Peasant Girl. 2. C. Seiler, Meditation. 3. G. Kilburne, Grandfather's Visit. 4. H.W.B. Davis, R.A., Highland Cattle, near Loch Maree. 5. G. Jacquet, A Grande Dame of the Old RĂ©gime. 6. L. Cima, Washing Clothes on the Brenta, near Venice. 7. Harlamoff, The Musician's Daughter. 8. G. Jacquet, The First at the Top. 9. T. Sidney Cooper, R.A., Cattle, Sussex Downs. 10. H. Moore, A.R.A., A Bright Day in the Channel. 11. H. Moore, A.R.A., At the End of the Goodwin Sands. 12. Geza Vastagh, The King of the Forest. 13. Harlamoff, Happy Moments. 14. L. Cima, The Gate of the Arsenal, Venice. 15. Eugene de Blaas, The Momentous Question. 16. Peter Graham, R.A., 'Caledonia Stern and Wild'. 17. Harlamoff, The Sewing Lesson. 18. E.M. Wimperis, R.I., On Aislaby Moor. 19. G.H. Boughton, A.R.A., At Marken on the Zuyder Zee. 20. Peter Graham, R.A., The Bulwarks of Scotland. 21. J.W. Godward, At the Garden Shrine, Pompeii. 22. T.S. Cooper, R.A., Canterbury Meadows. 23. Conrad Kiesel, Art. 24. C. Van Haanen, Dark and Fair. 25. Conrad Kiesel, Song. 26. C. Burton Barber, Lucky Dog. 27. J.S. Noble, The Stag at Bay. 28. Ayerst Ingram, The First of the Flood. 29. G. Peske, Much will have More. 30. J.W. Godward, The Rose. 31. Ayerst Ingram, Whiffling for Mackerel. 32. Stefano Novo, The Bootmaker's Shop. 33. Henry Moore, A.R.A., Summer time off the Channel Islands. 34. F. Morgan, Grandpapa's Birthday. 35. C. F. Lowcock, After the Bath. 36. L. Cima, Coming from the Well. 37. J. Weiser, The Cardinal's Portrait. 38. G. Goodwin Kilburne, A Wayside Chat. 39. H. Moore, A.R.A., Early Morning, Fishing Boats going out. 40. L. L'Hermitte, The Little Haymaker. 41. T. G. Vibert, His Eminence the Cardinal. 42. C.F. Lowcock, A Pompeian Girl. 43. L. Cima, A Canal Scene, Venice. 44. Leo Herrman, The Chef. 45. G. Goodwin Kilburne, Tally Ho! 46. W. Menzler, The Young Mother. 47. H.W. Koekkoek, An Attack by Prussian Hussars. 48. E.M. Wimperis, Near Gothland. 49. Alfred Breanski, The Thames Near Quarry Woods, Great Marlow. 50. Eugene de Blaas, The Fruit Seller. 51. J.H. Hooper, A Cornfield near Guildford. 52. Geza Vastagh, A Rare Feast. 53. W. Menzler, The Firstborn. 54. H.W. Koekkoek, The Outskirts of a Wood - Reconnoitring. 55. Conrad Kiesel, Music. 56. Douglas Adam, Salmon Fishing. 57. Conrad Kiesel, Sculpture.