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Date: 1892.03
Title: First spring exhibition of pictures of the French school, open Monday, 21st March, 1892
Gallery: Barbizon Gallery
Exhibition Type: mixed dealer
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Catalogue source: NAL
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Note: Exhibition catalogue extract: 'First spring exhibition of pictures of the French school, open Monday, 21st March, 1892. The Barbizon Gallery, 186 Piccadilly, London, W. Bernheim, Junr., Paris address - 8, Rue Laffitte. Catalogue (84 works): 1. E. Bayard, Scapin. 2. E. de Beaumont, The Prince's Flirtation. 3. W. Beauquesne, An Episode of 1871. Paris. 4. Jean Beraud, A la Comedie Francaise. 5. Berchere, An Arabian Caravan. 6. Rosa Bonheur, The Repose in Fontainebleau Forest. 7. Rosa Bonheur, On Guard. 8. F. Brissot, The Sheep-fold. 9. Jules Breton, The Spinner. 10. J.C. Cazin, The Windmill. 11. F. Chaigneau, Sheep. 12. Shepherd and Sheep. 13. A Flock of Sheep. 14. L. Caille, The Bible Lesson. 15. Happiness. 16. Corot, L'Abreuvoir. 17. The Bridge of Grez. 18. The Seine, near Rouen. 19. G. Courbet, The Calf. 20. Resting. 21. A Head. 22. G. Daubigny, Le Chemin Creux. Auvers. 23. The Poppy Field. 24. Daumier, A Study. 25. D'Entrygues, Father's Pipe. 26. Future Army. 27. The Performance. 28. E. Detaille, Bonaparte en Egypt. 29. N. Diaz, Turkish Children. 30. La Châtelaine. 31. V. Dupré, Environs de l'Isle Adam. 32. The Farm House. 33. F. Fichel, The Reception Day. 34. The Guard Room. 35. L. Garrido, La Première Danseuse. 36. J.L. Gerome, Women in a Vapour Bath. 37. The Intruder. 38. V. Gilbert, Fishermen Landing their Fish. 39. P. Grolleron, Episode of the French War, 1870. 40. V. Huguet, Watering Horses. Morocco. 41. Eug. Isabey, The Wood Cutters. 42.Ch. Jacque, Interior of a Sheep-fold. 43. Mother and Lamb. 44. The Approaching Storm. 45. G. Jacquet, A French Gentleman of Henry III. Time. 46. C. Kuwasseg, Senr., Pasture in Normandy. 47. On the Banks of the Rhone. 48. E. Lambert, The Dispute. 49. J.L.E. Meissonier, The Knight (coloured drawing). 50. Cavalry Soldier of the 1st Empire. 51. H.W. Mesdag, Low Tide on the Dutch Coast. 52. Jean Francois Millet, The Gleaners (drawing). 53. A Study (pastel) 54. F. Millet, Fils, Ploughing (pastel). 55. Trimming the Stacks (pastel). 56. The Poacher (pastel). 57. Jan Monchablon, Hay Making. 58. Monticelli, Reception at the King's Palace. 59. The Fête Day. 60. The Expected Visitor. 61. The Meeting. 62. G. Munger, The Banks of the Seine. 63. A. de Neuville, A Chasseur of the French Army. 64. Studies of Soldiers' Heads. 65. F. Pinchart, My Pet. 66. Springtime. 67. A Piot, Forget-me-not. 68. T. Ribot, The Author. 69. The Old Sailor. 70. The Cook. 71. Le Café Noir. 72. J. Robie, Fruit. 73. Th. Rousseau, Bird's Eye View of Bas-Mendon, near Paris. 74. Rousseau's House and Garden at Barbizon. 75. F. Roybet, The Chess Players. 76. H. Schlesinger, A Spanish Lady. 77. Troyon, The Mill Stream. 78. Eug. van Marcke, Going to Drink. 79. Eug.Verboeckhoven, Goat and Kid. 80. A. Vollon, Apples. 81. G. Washington, Crossing the Nile, Upper Egypt. 82. F. Willems, The Mother's Care. 83. Ziem, A Fête Day in Venice, 16th Century. 84. The Port of Marseille.