Gallery: Artists' Society
Exhibition Society: Artists' Society
Principals: exhibition society
Other names:
Addresses: All Souls Place, Langham Place, Regent Street, W
Principal dates:
Date founded:
Date closed:
Catalogue source:
MSS sources:
Published sources: Year's Art, 1883, p. 154; 1889, p. 104. Law and Bye-laws, NAL
Note: Established 1830, for general study from the life. See 'Laws and by-laws of the Artists' Society...' London 1896 (copy in National Art Library). Had 80 members (in 1889), committee of 15, admission by ballot, entrance fee £1.1.0, subscription £6.6.0. Had own library and collection of artistic accessories. Study sessions from life held every evening (draped and nude); conversazioni held Jan, Feb and March at which pictures exhibited.

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