Gallery: Bowden Bros
Exhibition Society:
Principals: dealer in watercolours and framer
Other names:
Addresses: Brompton Road 47, SW (1892, 1899); Brompton Road 225a and Fulham Road 45 (1904-5)
Principal dates:
Date founded:
Date closed:
Catalogue source:
MSS sources:
Published sources: Year's Art, 1892, pp. 98-100, list of FA dealers, printsellers and picture dealers; Year's Art, 1899, p. 348; Year's Art 1904, advert section, p. 23; POD 1905
Note: 'Dealers in high-class water colour drawings at moderate prices. The agents for A. Dudley's and other well-known Artists' Works. The trade supplied. Clever original water-colours bought for cash. Picture frames, gilding and artists' materials manufactured on the premises... established over half-a-century.' (Year's Art, 1899, advert. section, p. 17).

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