Exhibitions linked to the term: "art, Russian"

Date: 1890.06 - 07
Title: Paintings by the veteran Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky
Gallery: Goupil Gallery

Date: 1891
Title: Bronzes à cire perdue and Russian. Sculpture from Academy and Salon
Gallery: Bellman Ivey and Carter

Date: 1891.11-12
Title: Special exhibition of equestrian pictures by the Russian artist, J. V. Chelminski
Gallery: Continental Gallery

Date: 1905.10.19-1906.01.14
Title: Exhibition and sale of Russian Peasant industries by the Vologda Zemstvo
Gallery: Doré Gallery

Date: 1907
Title: Exhibition of paintings and sketches of the Polar regions by Alexander Borissoff of St. Petersburg
Gallery: Grafton Galleries