Exhibitions linked to the term: "subjects, Shakespeare"

Date: 1883.05
Title: Catalogue of paintings, drawings and pastels by members of 'La Société des Impressionnistes' and Mr J. Forbes Robertson's picture of the church scene in 'Much Ado about Nothing'
Gallery: Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell

Date: 1888
Title: The Graphic Gallery of Shakespeare's heroines : the stories of the several plays from which the pictures are taken are written by W. E. Henley
Gallery: Graphic Gallery

Date: 1891.04
Title: Madame de Aubiniere's exhibition of scenes in France, Italy and America and 'A Day in Shakespeare's Land'
Gallery: Modern Gallery

Date: 1908.02.03-23
Title: Exhibition of water-colour drawings of cottage gardens, Shakespeare's country and the Oxford colleges by A. C. Wyatt Feb 3-21, 1908
Gallery: Walker's Gallery