Exhibitions linked to the term: "places, South Africa, Natal"

Date: 1882.04
Title: Exhibition of British and foreign schools including J. R. Herbert's, R.A. renowned work 'The Pirates of Istria carrying off the Brides of Venice.' 'You Ragamuffins' by Focardi.The latest production of the celebrated sculptor of 'You Dirty Boy.'
Gallery: St James's Gallery

Date: 1896.11-12
Title: Catalogue of an exhibition of water-colour drawings : South African studies, Cape Colony and Natal, by Percy Dixon
Gallery: Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell

Date: 1900.06
Title: Natal sketches in oils by Miss Woodgate (sister of the late General Woodgate) made on the spot, now on view
Gallery: Bassano's Gallery

Date: 1900.07
Title: Original South African war and other cartoons and the Struwwelpeter alphabet caricatures, by F. Carruthers Gould (F.C.G.)
Gallery: Continental Gallery

Date: 1901.02
Title: Original drawings of the 'Natal campaign' by Frank A. Stewart : the Modern Gallery
Gallery: Modern Gallery